New "Mundane Magic" Items Over at DriveThruRPG

New "Mundane Magic" Items Over at DriveThruRPG
This weekend I was cleaning up some files on my computer and came across an article I had written for Knights of the Dinner Table #198 called "Mundane Magic". I love the idea that not every magical item has to be created by a wizard and not every item has to be super powerful.

I know I've read somewhere about giving some items a chance to become magical through surviving magical attacks and I recall a tournament adventure where an odd spell mishap turned one random item in the spellcaster's backpack magical, but I wanted to push it out a bit further.

New "Mundane Magic" Items Over at DriveThruRPG
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In the KoDT article the three items were a courting-candle that gave a bonus to resist-persuasion, a cheap helmet that granted an additional first-aid skill check, and an animal nose ring that indicated the direction home.

This time around I decided not to submit to KoDT and put it up myself. The three items are arguably a bit more useful this go-around in that they are a set of bracers, a weapon hilt, and a utility knife.

I've put this up on DriveThruRPG as a Pay What You Want Item with a suggested 50¢ price. My patrons over at Patreon got it last week as a download.


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