Free GM Resource: The System (a "new" RPG)

Free GM Resource: The System (a "new" RPG)
It is no secret my primary game is HackMaster, but what you don't know is that I generally run & play the game about as by-the-book as I can. I think this is a habit based on my previous position as a tournament manager (and frequent tournament GM).

Even though I generally have no need for another game system I do enjoy reading up on them for a couple of reasons. The 1st is just to see if it might be fun for a one-off or a change of pace (even though I never seem to run one of these). The 2nd reason is because I like to see how other designers handle certain RPG "problems". Every game has to figure out how to handle a simulation of events in a fast, "fair", and gamer-friendly way. Rounding out my reasons are I like looking at layout and I'm always on the lookout for a different way of doing things (even though I seldom deviate from the game rules...I'm kind of oxymoronic that way.)

Today's Free GM Resource is another RPG system simply called....wait for it....The System. Written by +Richard LeBlanc The System is a product of the mid-80's....and Richard's teenage mind.

Now I remember trying to write my own RPG in the mid-80's, and I didn't get much further than a few pages and even then they were just ideas hobbled from multiple systems. I think I latched on to the 4th edition of HackMaster because they were doing everything....and I mean everything from my so-called system, and they did it better.

I highly recommend picking up The System if for no other reason than to transport yourself back to the 80's. You will have to fiddle with it if you want to play (there are no monsters listed), but it is a good read (or at least I thought so).

I loved this dedication, "This book is dedicated to those brave new geeks who embraced RPGs in their earliest days, and gave the moral majority something to worry about."

Instead of linking straight to the download, I'm linking to the page where you can read about The System. The download is at the bottom of the page.


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