Free Frugal GM Product: d30 Potion Adverse Miscibility Table

Another month, another free d30 Table. Now I'm not saying that I plan on putting out a free d30 table every month, but I'm not saying I won't either.

Let's just say I'm non-committed at this point.

I was really hankering to make a d30 potion table for an upcoming project and, just as a bit of a precaution, looked through the d30 DM Companion and wouldn't you know it.....there was a table that was too damned close to what I wanted to do.

No use reinventing the wheel.....

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not above making my own version of something someone else has done, but if I'm not doing it "better" in some fashion....I don't see the point. Instead I just shifted efforts a bit to create the d30 Potion Adverse Miscibility Table.

I'm scheduled to be without internet access when this gets posted so the links should work. If they don't it will probably be on the front page under "Free Products" or you could find it on the Frugal GM publisher page.


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