Free GM Resource: Far Away Land Adventures, Dungeons, and "Stuff"

Free GM Resource: Far Away Land Adventures, Dungeons, and "Stuff"
Right off I have to make a wee bit of a confession.....this week's Free GM Resource may be a bit premature, but it is one of those things that is only going to get better.

I've highlighted bits of Far Away Land before, pretty much in two reviews (the Quick Start Rules and the Pawns Pack), but I was also collecting the adventures to make into a book.

Yesterday I read a G+ post that was chock-full of good news. Far Universe, the website for Far Away Land, is going under a major overhaul and will be capable of hosting their own webstore. Usually this just means that you can find another place to buy their rule-books, but since they don't have to pay the 30%+ commission to sites like DriveThruRPG, they can sell these products at a cheaper rater and still probably make more on the deal. All too often the publisher doesn't share this windfall with the purchaser, so hearing about this win-win is significant to me.

The new site will also have its own freebie section. The adventures are already free, but being able to easily pick them up with the rules all in one go is pretty sweet. As I'm writing this there is only the one adventure up, but that will get remedied quickly.

I suggest you favorite Far Universe and check back in periodically. I know I will! In the meantime, you can get these free adventures from DriveThruRPG (A1 Isle of the Rat Wizard is on the Far Universe Site):

A2  Whoa! Here Come the Dead
A3  Crazy Maze Daze
A4  Journey Into the White
A5  The Winter Tournament
A6  Pawns and Knights
A7  Temple of Zoko
A8  Outpost Knoll
A9  Barkoon
A10 Love Actually... Sucks
D1  Dastardly Dungeon of Doom


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