FGM035: The Horrors of Halfing Hollow is now Available!

FGM035: The Horrors of Halfing Hollow is now Available!
Well, I finally got the new Tweak & Toss up. The problem from this morning wasn't on my end, but an issue with the DTRPG servers.

I'd been releasing these Tweak & Toss short "whatevers" as PWYW, but I decided this time that I''ll go ahead a slap a price on this. It has always been my belief that generally people value what they pay for and while I deliberately put a lot of content up for free/PWYW, I'm sitting at almost 97% of the Frugal GM content being free, and the actual number of downloads for this year beats all other years combined.

Special Sale: FGM035 1/2 off for 1 week
Basically I don't feel too guilty for pricing this double-sized Tweak &Toss out......but....for a week I have a special Frugal GM discount for 1/2 off. If you want to pick up The Horrors of Halfling Hollow for 99¢ sometime before DTRPG says the week is up use this link.

That link is good until sometime on September 19th. Afterwards you can use this "regular" link or click on either the lead-in graphic or the cover image to get to the listing on DTRPG.

My current Patrons get this Tweak & Toss for free.....


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