Problems Uploading the new Tweak &Toss Cover

Problems Uploading the new Tweak &Toss Cover
Since I'm already a bit late on the latest Tweak &Toss I decided to double the size from 4 pages to 8....mostly because I didn't like the size of the one map.

Of course this meant that I "had" to make a second map and do some things I haven't done before, but I think it works.

It would be up on DTRPG right now, but for some reason it won't let me load the *^#%#!@ cover image. I messed up at first by trying to upload the wrong type of image (PNG instead of a JPG or GIF), but that should be so easily remedied.....

..at this point I don't know if it is a DTRPG issue or something on my end. I've already followed all of the one line of instructions and attempted to re-upload the correct format image (like 5 times). An email has been sent off and it'll get straightened out while I'm at work.

Until then all I can do it let you guys know what is going on and show you what I can't show the world at DTRPG:
FGM035 Cover


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