Free GM Resource: A Twofer of Names for or From Random Tables...

Free GM Resource: A Twofer of Names for or From Rabdom Tables...
This week I thought I'd do a bit of a related twofer for the Free GM Resource, and technically neither one of these is a random table...although I think this lead-in graphic is still the most appropriate..

The 1st resource is the relatively simple "List of Random Names" and it is a quick and easy online generator for coming up with "human" names. There are options for quantity (5,10,20,30, & 50), names by gender (or mixed), first names only, and alliterative names. For me the alliterative name option is a pretty cool feature I could see being useful for general writing purposes.

The 2nd resource is another simple website that is just a listing of a bazillion names from around the world. 20000-names.com claims to have 20,000+ names from around the world, which is significantly less than the bazillion I've claimed, but there are a LOT of names to go through. If you are like me and you like to use real-world ethnicities to enhance your game (all my Dwarves have Icelandic names, for example), then you will get a ton of mileage out of this site.


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