What to do When You're a (Wo)man Down.....

What to do When You're a (Wo)man Down.....
I tell you....I'm jonesing for a game right about now. My home group hasn't played in probably a month of Sundays and I need to sling some dice.

Unfortunately our GM is out of town, which means that even if I was to belly up to the table we are down a player. In a large group missing one player might not be an issue, but in a small group like mine, one player down makes the game a no-go.

The rest of us will probably get together and play board games, but even as much fun as some games are, it is a poor substitute. I could see maybe running a one-off of another game system for shits & giggles, letting the two players have two PCs each for a four PC party, but I think they feel as I do in having more than one PC in-game.

I guess the real issue is how much the social aspect of game night means, vs. enjoyment of ......since the game is more than just slinging dice (and kicking ass &/or taking names). I tend to miss the social aspects of playing as much as anything else, so I guess board games aren't too terrible a fate if we can't have a regular game.

Is there anything else your group does if you can't get together for your regular session? I remember going out for a meal or a movie being popular options.....



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