Frugal GM Review: Outpost Owlbear (One Page Zine)

Frugal GM Review: Outpost Owlbear (One Page Zine)
I wanted to get this review up in time yesterday, but life got in the way......you guys know what I mean....life...that thing that happens when we aren't gaming....

Tony T won that paper mini contest I had, which meant he also got my address. While this is something that anybody can easily find with little effort, most folks don't want (or need) this info. Tony T decided to send me all three issues of his One Page Zine Outpost Owlbear.

I'll have to admit that I was kind of excited to get a piece of "real" mail. Outside of holiday cards I'm used to junk mail and bills. I can't remember the last time I had real mail.

Reading the Outpost Owlbear issues I was a bit all over the place as to how I felt about it, and I'm assuming that might be some of those outside "life" issues creeping in. My 1st thoughts, outside of the elation of "real mail" was that this One Page Zine was a quick & crude version of what I was trying to accomplish with my Tweak & Toss adventure "things". Of course this line of thought really isn't fair to the Zine.....

I read through the issues and let them stew for a bit.....

...and I definitely came around. Each issue is a quick two-page adventure setup for new/low-level PCs. I can see easily stepping things up, without difficulty, for mid-level PCs. They are good reads and even with the hand-written format, I think for a buck there is actually a lot of production value here.

Initially I thought that maybe these issues were printed out on custom paper stock, as if Tony had custom paper made and then printed the issues onto that stock. After a closer inspection I'm thinking he printed a letterhead out on a color printer, wrote the issue, and then scanned it in to a PDF and printed it out on colored paper. Either way he printed in color (basically just blues and black).

$1 for two pages color printing & mailed out....I don't think Tony T is likely to be breaking even.

Frugal GM 4 Star Review: Outpost Owlbear (One Page Zine)
The Outpost Owlbear blog is a little light on the details....like we don't know what the intended frequency is, but the fact there is something for this new endeavor I take as a good sign. While I'm giving Outpost Owlbear 4 stars, this is one of those few items I'd rather encourage folks to try out for themselves. At only $1 you can get some real mail and make your own judgement.

Me? I'm looking to see where this thing goes. It makes me want to look at more One Page Zines......


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