Do You Play Multiple RPGs at Your Home Table?

Do You Play Multiple RPGs at Your Home Table?
The last couple of years I've made the major shift of being predominately a GM to predominately a player. I still GM, but usually when our group's GM needs a break, which is usually during the "Retail Hell" period of the year.

In talking with other GMs and gamers I'm finding that our general situation is the same. Most group basically have one "main" GM and maybe some fill-ins when that GM is either burned out or just too busy to take up the shield.

I think the average group has their main "go-to" RPG and that's usually what they play. When another GM picks up the shield then they might try a different RPG...might. From what I've gathered it is about 50/50 of thing being just a different campaign of the same RPG (like we do) or a brief switch to something else.

It is far from secret that my favorite game is the current edition of HackMaster. I've got a small roster of RPGs I need to run/play for review purposes and I'm trying to get my group to do some one-offs as a change of pace and to help me through this backlog since my con season is over until next year (I think....)

I was wondering just how many gaming groups take the time to "change things up" just for the experience. Honestly if it were for wanting/needing to review some other RPGs I doubt I'd stray too far from my main game, definitely not at my home table.


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