Frugal GM Work-In-Progress of the Most Recent Tweak & Toss

Frugal GM Work-In-Progress of the Most Recent Tweak & Toss
My latest Tweak & Toss should have been done a day or two ago, but some family drama coupled with a stupid hand injury has set me back at least a couple days.

Obviously I can type this so my hand isn't a complete wreck, but it does hurt. This injury was super stupid and 110% my fault.....how stupid, you might ask? Take your normal level of stupid, double-it, and add 10%. I'm not going to get into specifics because...well, reasons, but let's just say it hurts, the stitches come out in a couple of weeks, and if it hurts for the next two weeks I'll consider it the price to pay for the learning experience.

Anyway....I thought I should at least post the cover to the Tweak & Toss since that is the only page currently finished. I only need a couple of hours tops for the rest, so even if we double that and add 10% I hope to be finished by tomorrow.

FGM035: The Horrors of Halfling Hollow Coming Soon to DTRPG
I hope this is enough to get the gears churning on what "the Horrors" might be.....


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