2nd Look at Mead & Mayhem

2nd Look at Mead & Mayhem
I reviewed Mead & Mayhem back in January and last week I got a comment on this blog that there was a "new" version I could look at.

Right off the bat....I wouldn't put this as a "new version" but a "new format". Fundamentally this supplement is identical to the original. Some minor text has been updated...as far as I can tell they just changed the dice formatting from "1D30" to "1d30" and layed out the document to account for a new size.

The original was a US Letter size and the new format is 6" x 9"...actually 6" x 8.99" according to the document properties. There are more pictures in the update and overall the file is smaller with an option for a black & white-ish cover. The alternate cover isn't in actual black & white, but is without the large colored background. The inset picture is still in color....just a greatly reduced color pallet.

I personally wish that the authors had taken the time to tweak the main d30 table itself, but the entries are all the same. Eventually all bar fights will end in the bar catching on fire unless the GM just decides to end things early. Personally, if I was to use this supplement I think I'd come up with a series of additional results that end the bar fight and either replace certain entries (like 35-39, as an example) or make 40+ a sub-table of different possibilities.

My gut feeling is $4.90 for the combined PDF and printed book is a bit much, but mostly because I think a 14 page 6 x 9 booklet is a bit overkill. If you find this kind of thing useful $1.79 for the PDF can be a decent deal. The new version of this product isn't significantly different to warrant a change in rating in my opinion.


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