Free GM Resource: 20-Sided Rhymes

Free GM Resource: 20-Sided Rhymes
This week's Free GM Resource is quite the welcome departure from the norm here at Frugal GM.

Released almost two weeks ago on the Hipster, please! blog, 20 Sided Rhymes is an eclectic album of 20 "gaming" songs. I'm not a big music guy, so classification is hard to come by for me, but a lot of this album feels like nerdcore to me....

....doesn't really matter, because I enjoy it.

Technically this is a free album, but if you are so inclined there is a Paypal link to make a donation to Child's Play.

I'm impressed by this effort. Not only are there 20 cool songs to listen to, but there is also some good cover art for both the front and back cover. I was able to slide this into my collection easily......


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