I'm Moving the Frugal GM Reviews to Saturdays

I'm Moving the Frugal GM Reviews to Saturdays
Normally I do a Frugal GM Review on Fridays, but with the new PT job (hoping to make it FT or at least add another PT position somewhere) and some (improving) issues at home.....it can be a bit of a stretch getting the review done in time since my "cushion" of posts/reviews has been used up....I know, my bad.

I'm considering pushing back the reviews until the weekend, probably just a day. Right now my weekend mornings are relatively free and getting just one more day can be quite useful, especially on reviews that simply take up a lot of time by their nature. I don;t want to be one of those guys that tries to do a review where they do little more than read over the chapter titles and call it good.....

....I hate those reviews...they don't do anybody any favors. I've seen far too many reviews where it was clear the reviewer didn't actually bother to read the material being reviewed, much less play it, and just went off of 3rd hand information.

If you guys want rumor and specialization I could right stuff up everyday......but it kind of goes against what I'm trying to do here.

As a special thank you for even reading this far I've reinstated a 1/2 off coupon code for The Horrors of Halfling Hollow, the short encounter "location" I put together recently. It'll be 99¢ until Halloween.


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