Do Gamers Still Have Named "Gaming Groups"?

Do Gamers Still Have Named "Gaming Groups"?
As I'm going through Facebook today I got a few of those "Throwback Thursday" posts in my feed and I saw a gaming picture or two in there and they reminded me of something....

...I was wondering how many folks her have an actual gaming group. Not a group of people who game regularly, but an actual named gaming group....

Gaming bannerBack in the days of HackMaster 4th Edition the HackMaster Association promoted the creation of formal gaming groups in order to track member participation and even PCs because this was something that was needed in the "highly" competitive convention tournament environment. I know that some conventions have been borne out of formalized gaming groups. Dragonflight in Seattle immediately comes to mind.

I was a member of several groups, but my two home groups were the "Boise Incident" Instigators and the Gem State Gazebo Hunters. I GM'd the 1st group and my wife the 2nd. She drew up the combined group's logo and I turned it into something we could use, like this travelling banner we'd take to conventions.

Just a thought.....have any of you guys put together something a bit more formal? I know I've seen group T-shirts and notepads at conventions.....


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