Free GM Resource: Deviant Art

Free GM Resource: Deviant Art
This week's Free GM Resource is one of those sites I've link-hopped to a couple of times and never put much thought into, until now.

Deviant Art is a pretty darned good resource for...well, art. Last time I clicked-through to Deviant Art I was looking for some additional map resources for an adventure I downloaded. The artist's map was there, as well as some other maps he had made, presumably for other adventures.

This particular map listing also had links to the artist's game-world writing and *BAM* that is when it hit me that I should have Deviant Art favorited as a go-to free resource.

While there is a lot of art I could care less about, the Digital Art > Drawings & Paintings > Fantasy had a bunch of potential new monsters and some maps. There are often outbound links on the "good stuff" with even more great material. Now of course, all this art belongs to someone else, so using it professionally is a huge non-no, but for your players at your home game....these pieces would be outstanding.

I feel a bit like a dolt for not recognizing this sooner.


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