Free Map057 A River Canyon

Free Map057 A River Canyon
This last week I had family visiting and now that they are back home and I've managed to catch up on some missing sleep I'm attempting to do a little catch-up on posts & projects.

I had already started working on this canyon map and know that it is finished I've put on my Patreon page. This is a well-known river canyon in my neck of the woods, but most people probably only know it by name and couldn't recognize a map section of it if they tried.

Now I'm not being dismissive of people's grasp of geography, but this stretch of canyon is not very accessible and is about as wild as you can get in these parts. Astute viewers might be able to make out 13 sections of rapids along the river. I tried to make them a bit subtle and I hope the GM who uses this map for their game gets to have some fun with the rapids.....

Free Map057 Suitable for Letter Printing

Like usual, Patrons get a larger map without the "ad". You can click on the graphics in this post to get the free map, or just use this link.


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