FGM038: The Ravenous River

FGM038: The Ravenous River, a Tweak & Toss Encounter Set
I've just put up my latest Tweak & Toss "mission" called The Ravenous River. Like previous efforts, this isn't a written adventure as much as it is a map and a rough adventure/encounter setup.

The idea behind this one is that the PCs are asked to travel down the Ravenous River and find/deal with an unknown problem that is keeping a group of loggers from getting their timber to the sawmills & market downstream.

FGM038: The Ravenous RiverThe Ravenous River is a Pay-What-You-Want download over at DriveThruRPG. You can click on any of the graphics for this post or use this link to go straight to the product page.


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