Free d30 Table: Random Book Generator

Free d30 Table: Random Book Generator
I had this d30 table I thought I'd just knock out......yeah, and that didn't happen. I finished the table and put it up on my Patreon page and DTRPG, but I swear I spent a huge chunk of my day working on this.

On the plus side my cat, who has just recently been "promoted" to the only cat in the house, has become so much more social than she has been for the last few years. In the span of a week she's gone from "I'm feral....don't touch me" to "Is it ok if I cozy up to you at your desk? You don't need this one drawer, do you?"

I'd like to think the reason this one table took me so long was the
Free d30 Table: FGM037c
background research I put into it, but I think a lot of it was me adding the steps of hand-writing it out first, tweaking everything on a revision, and then typing it up. OK, and frequent breaks to pet the kitty helped.

This table, inspired by The HackMaster Spellslinger's Guide to Wurld Domination, generates the physical attributes of a book. General size, weight, and cover. I can see someone using it in an OSR game to generate a spellbook, but I envision it getting more use when the GM gets asked for the umpteenth time "Now describe this book we also found."

Click on either graphic, or use this link, to go to the appropriate DTRPG page.

Late night edit:
I couldn't leave well enough alone, so I made a "quick" d30 Book Subject/Title Generator as well. You can find that here (or click on the graphic).


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