Unexpected Phone Call Today

Unexpected Phone Call Today
I have no clue how this happened, but somehow my phone made a call to Lou Zocchi yesterday. Now when I say"no clue" I mean it. In order to make that call I'd have to open up my contacts, scroll down to his entry, and choose to make a call. I don't even remember the last time I opened the contacts on the phone or called one of my contacts that weren't already on my "frequently called" list.

Anyway, Lou called me back today and we spoke a bit about the d30 and his efforts to get the high-quality (i.e. not tumbled) d30s back in production. He was also interested in the Order of the d30 and the tables we've been working on, even if it was only to push some folks our way.

Totally made my day.....I'll be sending him some of my tables and pointing him towards our group. I was planning on working on a new table this afternoon...now I HAVE TO.


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