Free Map059: A Small Hamlet

Free Map059: A Small Hamlet
This week I'm working a little backwards from my norm in that I have an idea for a Tweak & Toss and I'm working backwards from it to come up with a new map.

Last week it the idea came to me to try my hand at developing a couple of new map-making techniques. I wouldn't say either effort was a rousing success, but now I do have a couple of ideas to expand upon these original ideas to get even better at a couple of the "tricky" parts.

 Personally I much prefer my cavern maps or the USGS-based maps I make over small area maps like this, but if I don't try I'll never get better.....

This map is a "standard" letter-sized PDF print. There is a 1/4" border around the map, so printing at 100% should work since most printers can get in that close to the edge. My Patrons get a "Press-Quality" PDF print without the Patreon ad.

Like usual, click on either graphic in this post to go to the appropriate place to download the PDF, or you can use this link.

Free Map059: A Small Hamlet


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