Free Map061: More Wilderness

Free Map061: More Wilderness
After battling my webhost issues today.....issues that might not actually be gone until tomorrow....I started working on a new map.

I've had this idea for a Tweak & Toss for some time, but it was filed away for later use.....because I'd need to draw a map that is not really in my wheelhouse (i.e. I suck at drawing maps). Last week I saw a picture that was almost perfect for what I was thinking. I quickly looked up where the picture was taken and headed off to find the USGS map to use as my base.....

...yeah, the local area pretty much sucks. Evidently the location where this place is located is quite barren. Like out in a boring desert canyon barren. The spot I needed? Practically a dot on the map. Totally does not work for what I wanted it for.

Meh..no worries, I'll just see how I can tweak this map to make it more interesting. Don't know if I succeeded, but I'm not displeased....

Free Map061: More Wilderness in a 11" x 17" HQ PDF

All the maps are PDFs, with two versions available for my Patrons. Their maps are Arch B, which is only a little bit larger, but they have a version with and without contour lines, and neither of their maps have the Patreon "ad" in the corner.

As usual, click either graphic to go to the map page, or use this link.


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