FGM039: No Place Like Gnome Available Now on DTRPG

FGM039: No Place Like Gnome Available Now on DTRPG
I wrote up a Tweak & Toss "adventure" using last week's free map and put it up on DTRPG. It is quite a bit more broad than I usually do with these things, so I'm not quite sure how it will be received.....

.....but since the overwhelming majority of folks will get this for free (it is PWYW), I'm not going to lose much sleep over that fact.

When I run a game I often keep things rather loose, with a couple of ideas half-formed. Depending on with threads the party decides to pull, I then spend more effort along those lines, but keep those other potential adventure paths dangling (or move them forward as needed).

This Tweak & Toss, No Place Like Gnome, is one of these loose threads. Something is happening in this small hamlet. Maybe the PCs take notice, maybe they decide "screw them" and move on. They could take the side of the villagers (what do you call the inhabitants of a hamlet?), maybe they take the other side.....or maybe they ignore everyone and the problem gets a bit worse.

Feel free to click on either graphic in this post to go the DTRPG listing.

No Place Like Gnome is PWYW


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