Free GM Resource: Labyrinths of Madness

Free GM Resource: Labyrinths of Madness
Today is a gaming friend's birthday: DM Nick from the Roll For Initiative Podcast.

Now I know he plays AD&D (although I suspect it's more HackMaster 4th edition that AD&D...), but he also has a soft-spot for Call of Cthulhu....and as an aside, should I be disturbed that my spell-checker knows how to spell Cthulhu?....

Anyway, I decided to do a little hunting for today's Free GM Resource and I managed to discover Labyrinths of Madness. This is a free PDF download from Lulu, so you'll need to have or establish a Lulu account.

Labyrinths of Madness is a short (13 pages, 8 of content) supplement for using the Labyrinth Lords rules to run a CoC-type campaign. Now this is supplement assumes you aren't running your campaign in a medieval-ish setting, but I'm sure you could with only a couple of tweaks.

Now this isn't my particular play-style, but it occurred to me that even if you didn't want a CoCish campaign, but you liked a little more fast & loose role-play heavy game that the Damage, Injury, and Healing rules (page 6) would be a real boon....

.....anyway, happy birthday Nick!

Update July 18, 2019:
Evidently this has been removed from Lulu and a few minutes of searching hasn't revealed a new source. Probably doesn't help that this is for Labyrinth Lord and had "Labyrinth" in the title, not to mention that it shares a name with a AD&D adventure. If anyone can point me out to a new source for this........

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