Just a Little Head's Up on Some Projects I'm Working On

Just a Little Head's Up on Some Projects I'm Working On
First off...no work-in-progress pics on this post. I'm actually working on a couple of things at a time here. With the exception of the plethora of Combined Height & Weight Charts I did a few months ago, I've been trying to come up with one new d30 table a month.

As great as a simple idea like "one d30 table a month" goes, my planning and creative process isn't always up to snuff so I've been front-loading things by deliberately working ahead on these tables. My Patrons (over at Patreon) get the tables as they are completed, while the rest of the world will have to wait for them to come up in the monthly release queue.

I'm also working on another HUGE map, but I'm not intending to release it as a huge map but instead of several smaller maps. Most of my maps are pretty much wilderness maps, but this time the larger map is of civilized farmland and I pretty much have to figure out how to adapt the....I don't think "skills" is the right word.....processes I've been using on previous maps to the newer ones. Some of the stuff I've been doing I'll just have to toss out the window because they are too big a PITA dealing with a larger map (or even multiple smaller ones). Of course, the way I figure it, I'll probably just be trading one monotonous PITA process for another, so if I just completely lose it in the next few days, you'll all know just what did it.

I also have two Tweak & Toss adventure seeds in the works. Right now they are basically notes hanging next to my computer, but when I get fed up with the mapwork I'm hoping I have the foresight to switch over to the writing and layout for the Tweak & Tosses.

Lastly, I'm finally getting access to some tech I need to make this thing I've been wanting to review for a good month now. I know....I know....this is pretty ambiguous, but since this something I've been drooling over for a while now I don't want to jinx myself and have this last project just go sideways on me.*

Funny that I just realized that today is actually Wednesday and not Thursday like I've been thinking it is all day. Yippee! I was wondering how I was going to get everything, most, at least some of these projects done this week.

*Late Night Edit: I managed to get three hours with a rather expensive 3D printer today and I successfully managed to print out two Lizardman Minis from Fat Dragon Games. I wasn't quite expecting to be able to get access, even though I had a "reservation". Obviously more to follow....


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