Free Map063: A Multi-Level Cave System

Free Map063: A Multi-Level Cave System
This week's Free Map is a multi-level cavern system. The freebie version of this map is 11" x 17", while my Patrons get a significantly larger 24" x 36" map. Both maps are High Quality PDFs so you can chose to have them printed professionally or simply tile the pages for printing out at home (a feature available with Adobe Acrobat).

With Erik Tenkar's pimping of the Frugal GM yesterday I didn't want to half-ass a map for this week. I figured it was worth staying up working on this bear of a map.

Hopefully you'll agree....

Like always, you can click on either graphic in this post to go to the download page, or use this link.

Free Map063: A 11" x 17" Multi-Level Cave System Map


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