A Bit of Impromptu Spring Cleaning for the Frugal GM

A Bit of Impromptu Spring Cleaning for the Frugal GM
This weekend I (barely) managed to take advantage of a publisher's big sale over at OBS and I picked up a bunch of map pieces & parts.

For some unknown reason the website has been a real pain about being able to download my purchases and I've had to try several times before the files were properly downloaded as there were a lot of error messages and incomplete downloads.

While I was going through and figuring out what successfully downloaded and what hadn't I thought I'd organize my files, well at least the files from this one publisher. If I'm going to be stuck at my computer, laboriously downloading only one file at a time I might as well use the time wisely.....

....that sounds all well and good until I realize that I'm missing a lot of files from this publisher....and I mean quite a few. For some reason they don't show in my One Bookshelf library, but when I scroll through this one publisher's offerings I see quite a few "You have purchased this product". I thought maybe I'd downloaded the files previously and just hadn't filed them properly, but nope.....I bought a bunch of stuff on the last sale and didn't square my stuff away. These files aren't in my downloads folder and not in my backup either.

Everything seems to work fine downloading one file at a time...

I figure it is, or at least sure feels like, spring and maybe this is just my GM version of "Spring Cleaning". If you are one of my 12 regular readers, you might want to take a moment and see what you have to clean up with regards to your gaming "stuff". Make sure you have what you think you have and take this opportunity to make sure you have not only a backup, but a backup to the backup.


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