A Quick Update

You might have noticed that this week is a little sparse on posts......

This is because I'm working a lot this week and my free time is prepping for North Texas RPG. Thanks to the generosity of Tenkar's Tavern I'm getting 1/2 of a dealer's table at the Tavern's room.

I'm printing up the game aids I've made over the last couple years and trying to tweak some things into a new format. I also have to prep some reviews and posts while I'm gone in case I cannot find the time while there.

I also have a few "special projects" I'm working on, mostly gifts for some of the community. I'm planning on having some freebies to give away at the con and I need to finish those up as well.

This morning I received a request to pimp someone else's Patreon campaign. That really isn't my thing, but if it is something I'd contribute to personally that is a whole different deal. This morning I did add The Forge Studios to the +12 Links of Helpfulness page. I'm pretty sure I've reviewed some of their product in the past (yes, I'm too lazy to look that up), and I know for certain I have some of their product in my DTRPG wishlist.

What took the request from "screw that" to "sure thing" was that I dig not only their cool black & white maps, but that they often include 1st person view illustrations of map locations. Being able to describe a location in-game is one thing, but having a graphic to show the group takes it to a whole different level....

.....yeah, I had to get in on that campaign. It puts me over my budgeted monthly Patreon support, but I think I'd regret not partaking in this one.


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