Free Map #67: The Slog

Free Map #67: The Slog
This week's free map is a bit of a Frankenstein in that I used a couple very disparate maps (type, scale, and location) to create this one map I had an idea for.

I'm also working a bit backwards with the ideas behind a Tweak & Toss adventure influencing the map I wanted to make. Now I might have an idea for the adventure first and look for a good location for the map, but hobbling different parts together usually makes for an unpleasant time creating the map.

This wasn't too painful.

The free maps are tablet sized again, with and without contours. Because of the elevations involved, I don't think folks will get a lot of use out of the contour version. My patrons get these two tabloid sized maps and two Arch D (24" x 36") maps as well, all of which do not have the "check out my Patreon" ad. I should mention they get the map as a High Quality PDF print as well.

Like usual, click on either graphic in this post or use this link to go to the map.

Free Map #67: The Slog


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