Failed A Con Check, But A Cool-Enough Video to Share Anyway

Failed A Con Check, But A Cool-Enough Video to Share
We've been having unseasonably cool weather here in the City of Trees, and somehow I failed my fricken Saving Throw vs. Poison (or something...maybe a CON check) because I caught a damned cold. All I want to do is lay in bed and suffer until my body fights this thing.

Yeah.....I'm one of those man-childs when it comes to being sick. Luckily I won't be missing any work, but I had plans today to finish up a Tweak & Toss and work on the next map.

I'm hoping that I can suffer on the couch and finish up painting my resin terrain....but I don't want to....

On the good news front I did get my Tenkar's Tavern Membership Card.

Since this blog isn't about me and my feelings I should point out something useful. Doug Anderson (of DungeonTeller fame) has been working on a WWII battle game. Now I'll freely admit that this new game doesn't excite me in the least..of course that may be my sickness apathy kicking in....but this video of making 6mm hex terrain certainly does. I think it would be super-cool to have a bunch of this small terrain to make a larger area map for Fantasy RPGs. You could assemble your hexes, take a few photos, and BAM!....cool overhead map. Populate what you need to and let the players move along until you need to switch to a smaller "tactical" map.

Doug only has the one video for now, and I already account for 1/3 of the views, but this has a lot of good potential for all kinds of gamers......

....and if you bothered to read down to this far you might like to know that DungeonTeller is celebrating a two year anniversary and is currently FREE! I know.....I'm burying the lead....I'm sick, remember?


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