Free GM Resource: Newb Crafting Channel on YouTube

Free GM Resource: Newb Crafting Channel on YouTube
I should probably apologize for getting this post our so late. Not an excuse, but an explanation.....I stayed up quite late last night binge watching Netflix and painting some of my resin terrain pieces. I had a small box full of resin bits and bobs from Acheson Creations that I had already washed & primed....a couple years ago.

Anyway, staying up well past 3 AM on an unseasonably cool night made it really difficult to get up at the crack of noon.

Today's Free GM Resource is another terrain building YouTube channel. Bill Allan's channel is pretty new and not really big yet at 271 subscribers. What I like about his crafting videos is it looks like he is new to crafting RPG terrain, which I think adds a cool dimension that I personally enjoy. One of his videos from January was about crafting fails, which immediately piqued my interest.

Bill Allan's YouTube channel.


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