Frugal GM Work-In-Progress: The Humid Harvest

Frugal GM Work-In-Progress: The Humid Harvest
I've been a bit....slow....on the writing and map-making front as of late, for personal reasons that really have no place here on the blog.

Even if my output has slowed down temporarily, my mind hasn't, so I have all these ideas floating around in my head. A couple of them I really want to spend some quality time on, but like everything else in life, these ideas have to take their turn.

With back-to-school season coming up I did manage to snag some obscenely cheap composition books that I'm using to jot down ideas and even work out a few things when I'm away from the computer.

FGM043: The Humid Harvest (Coming Soon)
Currently I'm tackling another Tweak & Toss OSR adventure seed, but I'm planning on making it a bit bigger than normal by adding a new monster and a new plant/resource that GMs can introduce (or not) into their game world. Normally a Tweak & Toss is a four-page deal (1/2 Letter) consisting of the title, a map, some encounters, and a bit of overview/back-story. Every once in a while I'll add a new creature as a single page item to put up for free while the Tweak & Toss itself is PWYW. This time I'm just including the so-called "bonus content" inside. Since I have another sheet to play with I'll probably spread the map over two pages.....

.....anyway, here is the working title page. I'm using The Slog map for this Tweak & Toss.


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