September's d30 Table is up!

September's d30 Table is up!
I've largely taken the month of August off to attend to some rather pressing personal issues, but I think I've gotten to the point where I can resume some more writing & creating. I've managed to keep up with the Free GM Resources on Mondays and a Frugal GM Review on Saturdays, but everything else was put on hold.

Lucky for me I was able to work a bit ahead on some things like the d30 tables. This month's d30 Table is posted on DriveThruRPG for GMs to use and abuse. Technically the table is PWYW, but for the majority of folks it is free, so I don't think I need to change the graphic any...

FGM037K Random Tavern Generator
This month's table is a quick tavern generator that quickly establishes the size of a tavern, how busy it is at the moment, and the tavern's name. Coupled with a food & drink generator (not a d30 table, but still.....) and you should be relatively good-to-go.

Like always, click on either graphic in this post, or use this link.


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