Free GM Resource: A Plethora of Free Icons

Free GM Resource: A Plethora of Free Icons
This week's Free GM Resource, like all the others, may not be for everyone.

You've heard the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words." right? Well when reading the adventure that was Saturday's Frugal GM Review I noticed that a few icons were regularly used to show the GM entries for monsters, treasure, and traps.

I thought the idea was brilliant and luckily there was an attribution for the icons to game-icons.net. Holy crap there are a lot of icons there...2279 when I first checked it out. All these icons are licensed with a Creative Commons BY license.

Now downloading the whole lot might be a bit much, especially since it'd be harder to appropriately attribute who created which icon, but I think overall this is a great little resource that many GMs could use when writing adventures, making maps, etc.

The download graphic used in the header was created by Delapouite.

Late Night Edit: Evidently I messed up the link to the actual fricken icons by adding a "s" where it didn't belong. Today was a long day at work so I couldn't just fix this as easily as I'd have liked. Thanks to Alfredo Sendín for the head's-up.


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