Free GM Resource: Dungeon Builder Demo

Free GM Resource: Dungeon Builder Demo
I'm a little late posting this week's Free GM Resource because I slept in and because I was too busy playing with the resource itself. We can just pretend it was "product testing".

Dungeon Builder is an isometric map maker for just about every desktop platform. It is currently on Kickstarter for funding, but for now the duo of Aage Jørgensen & Kim Markfoged have put up a feature-limited demo of the program.

The links above go straight to the Kickstarter and any links below go to the demo download page.

While it is only a demo, you can still build some pretty usable dungeons, especially if you are just trying to make the rooms themselves. I built the bulk of the couple rooms below in a minute or two and then spent a while just screwing around to see how the editing went.

My quick dungeon
You can't save anything you create with the Dungeon Builder Demo, but you can easily take screen shots.

The Kickstarter is already funded and it'll cost about $45 to get the program through Kickstarter. That seems like a lot to me, but since I cannot draw isometric maps and wish I could, that price isn't terrible....

Obviously your mileage might vary, but for the price of free, I think the demo is well worth downloading.


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