Free GM Resource: Godbound A Game of Divine Heroes

Free GM Resource: Godbound A Game of Divine Heroes
Yes.....I know it is Wednesday and I missed a Free GM Resource on Monday. Still dealing with some personal drama with long-term ramifications, basically life getting in the way.

This week's Free GM Resource is a free version of Godbound, from Sine Nomine Publishing. My ears perk up a bit whenever I hear about these guys and yours should too. They give out free stuff like it was candy, and it's good candy....like full-sized Snickers or Hershey Bars...not like some candy corn or elephant peanuts.....

.....anyway, the RPG Godbound came out this summer and the free edition is interesting. Now I'm not going to review this game or anything (unfair to do without actually playing a few sessions), but I will have to say I'm impressed with the download:

  • DRM/Security Free ....bookmarked PDFs
  • 193 pages of full color main PDF
  • 191 "lightweight" PDF
  • Two PDF character sheets...with on being form-fillable!
  • Epub Version
  • Kindle Version
 Basically these guys didn't half-ass it when it came to offering a freebie version. The paid version is called the Godbound Deluxe Edition and comes with 50 extra pages. One thing I did find interesting is that there isn't an add for the Deluxe version, just one mention in a sidebar. Try the game for free and if you like it......


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