Free Map#069 Some Hand-Drawn Work

Free Map#069 Some Hand-Drawn Work
Today I decided, after a good week of kicking a few ideas around in my head, to finally try and do a complete map manually....almost like a real RPG cartographer.

My line work seemed a bit uneven and while I thought I did a good job coloring in the map, when scanned I hated it. So much so that I about wrote it off.

Instead I started playing with my computer tools and figured out how to salvage the map to something a bit better. I'm thinking next time I'll intend to mix hand-drawn work with computer scanning & processing. Better to stick with what I know and take baby steps into new territory.

Like usual you can click on either graphic in the post to go to my Patreon Page for the map, or you can use this link.

Free Map# 069


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