New Big Dragon Games Unlimited Sale

New Big Dragon Games Unlimited Sale
While going through my morning reading (online), I discovered that New Big Dragon Games Unlimited is having a HUGE sale on OneBookshelf.

Get the five biggest titles available for $1 each!

Some of these items I've reviewed:
     CC1 Creature Compendium (review) (purchase)
     AX2 D30 Sandbox Companion (review) (purchase)
     AX1 D30 DM Companion (review) (purchase)
     PX1 Basic Psionics Handbook (review) (purchase)
     VA1 Valley of the Five Fires (purchase)

The links above are affiliate links that don't cost either the publisher or the purchaser, but if you purchase one of these titles (you should pick up all five) I might get a nickle. I don't care so much for the nickle, but I do care about these awesome titles.....

....sale ends tonight at midnight!


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