Frugal GM Review: Hexbox

Frugal GM Review: Hexbox
After reviewing the Hexed Places: Crescent Lake a couple weeks ago, DriveThruRPG evidently thinks I need to see more hexcrawl "stuff" and suggested Hexbox.

At first I was a little "meh" on even looking at Hexbox, mostly because there was little to no useful information in the product's previews......but the PDF was free, so why not?

Hexbox is a little over 1 MB in size and consists of 59 unsecured pages that are 6" x 9" in size. The PDF is also bookmarked, which is a must for a product like this.

While Hexbox is clearly written for D&D 5th Edition, I could easily see modding this to work with other systems without too much difficulty. There are a couple of worksheets included and there is a helpful link to downloading separate log sheets from the writer's website.

Hex crawls are relatively new to me and Hexbox did a lot to educate me on possibly running a hex crawl campaign, not that I'm planning to, but with this guidance I think I could. The only real problem I had with this product was some sort of nagging in the back of my mind that this could easily have been written system-neutral, which would allow the writer to shave off three pages of Open Game License.

Of course, I could be quite wrong on this front...wouldn't be the 1st time.

There are only two color pages in this PDF, the front cover and a small hex map on page 40. I think I'd rather have seen the page 40 map in black & white to match the rest of the book and at 59 pages I think a nice back cover could have been included, bringing up the page count to an even (and US Letter booklet printing appropriate) 60 pages.

Frugal GM 4 Star Review: Hexbox
Because this material is not only new, but a bit foreign (5th Edition) to me, I suspect I'm going to have to re-read this a few more times and figure out how to include some of my other hex crawl resources. After, or if, I get to mark up my copy of Hexbox to make it work for generic OSR games I may have to come back and revise my rating...


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