November's d30 Table is a Plant Generator

November's d30 Table is a Plant Generator
This month's free d30 table is a companion piece to last month's d30 table that generated natural potions & poisons.

The d30 Plant Generator isn't a sexy-sounding table at all, but if you want to throw some random plants at your players, this will help out.

I was inspired to create this table not only from a perceived need after making the last one, but also because I remember time when I've been surprised a bit by plants in different parts of the world. One of my neighbors has a Catalpa tree and the only other time I've ever seen one, well actually it was a whole grove, was while deer hunting some 2,000 miles (or so) from where I live now. I could envision sending the PCs to find the fruit of the Catalpa as an ingredient for something.....

Now instead of trying to fit in a real-world analog into your campaign's flora, just throw some d30s into the mix and come up with something "unique" to your game world....

FGM037m: d30 Plant Generator


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