Free GM Resource: Dungeonographer from Inkwell Ideas

Free GM Resource: Dungeonographer from Inkwell Ideas
Every once in a while I discover a Free GM Resource that I would just swear I've covered before, like Dungeonographer. Of course, when I look into it, nope...never shared it. I don't know how these things fall through the cracks, but I'll chalk it up to life in general.

Dungeonographer is another map generator from Inkwell Ideas. Their Hexographer has been listed in this blog's Top 10 pretty much for the last four & a half years.

Dungeonographer comes with a free version and a paid ($32) version that are actually the same product, so if you try out Dungeonographer and like it, all you need to do is purchase an activation code and you're good.

Take Dungeonographer out for a spin and see if you like it.....not like it'll cost you to try!


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