Frugal GM Review: The Inn of the Buxom Wench

Frugal GM Review: The Inn of the Buxom Wench
Last week I picked up The Inn of the Buxom Wench from A Hole In The Ground Terrain & Games.

I'll freely admit that I was hooked by the title and really, who has enough fleshed-out inns....I know I don't?

The Inn of the Buxom Wench is 14 pages (10 of content) long and comes in at 3.04 MB. Most of the pages are black & white, but there is a two page-full-color map at the back and some color on the front & back covers. Also included are maps (gridded and no grid) of the inn. You also get two versions of the maps, one in 72 dpi and the other 300 dpi.

The pdf isn't secured and it is bookmarked. While not really filled out, there is some actual info in the PDF properties pages, which surprised me quite a bit as most pdfs have nothing noted there. Also commonly overlooked is actually designating what info is considered "Product Identity" when they place the license. A lot of times on pdfs the license is simply added and not actually used appropriately.

The pdf is a bit on the rough side. Some of the artwork looks a bit hazy and I'm not a fan of the border around each page. That is really just a personal preference and not a big deal. Another nitpick I have is that some of the print is tiny, pretty much any stat block. When printed out it is rather small, but it still works.

What I really liked, and really the reason I picked this up in the first place, is that this is a well fleshed out locale. A good (enough) description of the building, rooms, and personnel are provided. Could there be some more detail? Probably, but it is too easy to put up way too much info and then the GM has to deal with a wall of text. I think there is just enough meat on the bones, as it were, for the GM to get what they really need and to add onto as they desire.

Frugal GM 4 Star Review: The Inn of the Buxom Wench
Overall The Inn of the Buxom Wench is a nice little location that any GM can use to add a little flavor to their campaign. As of the writing of this post this pay-what-you-want pdf is receiving an average donation of $1.06. This is definitely worth a couple of bucks, especially when you factor in the included maps.


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