New PWYW Tweak & Toss is up!

New PWYW Tweak & Toss is up!
I finally got around to finishing the Tweak & Toss I started last year.

Some of the basic ideas have been floating around my noggin for a while now, but getting them down into the computer was a bit problematic. Nothing technically wrong, just all me.

This one is called "The Humid Harvest" and the basic setup is that the party needs to go from point A to point B, with B being a wilderness location. Maybe they need to get out of the country, maybe they want to go bounty hunting. For whatever reason they need to get there and someone is willing to help foot the bill for a little armed escort up the river.

FGM043a: The Humid Harvest
Usually these things have some set encounters, but this time around it is mostly some ideas for flavor text. The GM could easily just use wandering monsters or attach this to an already planned adventure.

There is a bit of bonus content on my Patreon site, and a link is on the back page of this Tweak & Toss. Just a new monster to enjoy....or not.

Like usual, you can click on either graphic in this post to go to the DTRPG page, or you can use this link.


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