New d30 Table Available Now: NPC Background Generator

New d30 Table Available Now: NPC Background Generator
By my math I'm still one month behind on d30 tables, so expect at least one more d30 table this month. My regular 12 readers might not mind (or even care), but for some reason this is important for me to get back on track.

I do have some ideas still in the old brain-pan, so I should be caught up soon(ish). Unfortunately it sometimes takes a while to figure out how to make sense of the initial concept so it fits/works with the d30.

FGM037q: d30 NPC Background GeneratorAnyway.....this d30 generator is designed to provide a bit of a skeleton of sorts for a random NPC. The GM is encouraged to tweak/ignore individual tables as desired, and when looking at this generator some of the details might seem stupid. For example, who cares if the NPC is the 2nd of three kids to a couple of indifferent parents? Well, you might decide that this NPC is suffering from "Middle Child Syndrome" and acts accordingly.

I hope that you'll get some use out of this....

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