Patreon Free/Bonus Content to Check Out

Patreon Free/Bonus Content to Check Out
I'm a bit of a doofus.....

While some of my friends will attest to this in general I'm actually specifying a recent event. A bit over a week ago I posted a piece of bonus content for that Tweak & Toss I had posted about last week (the bonus content stuff came 1st). My Patrons (or is it Patreons) got a notification on April 29th, but while the Patreon post (and bonus content) is public, I never bothered to put out the 411.

The Ecology of the Leech Dog was intended to be a Humid Harvest tie-in, but I decided to make it it's own "thing" and put it out there for folks to use & abuse.

Click on either graphic to go to the freebie public post, or use this link.


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