Free GM Resource: Lukes Aps YouTube Channel

Free GM Resource: Lukes Aps YouTube Channel
This week's Free GM Resource (yes, I am aware I skipped last week) is another cool YouTube channel for building/painting tabletop terrain and minis.

Lukes Aps has been around for a little over a year now. The "Aps", of Lukes Aps, stands for "Affordable Painting Service", so I'm going to assume that Luke is better at painting minis than I am....

....honestly I haven't viewed any of his miniature painting videos. I'm into this channel for the terrain tips. Last night I actually watched a 14 minute video about Army Painter Review And How To Fix The Problems People Are Having. I don't have any Army Painter paints, but the "fix" pretty much applies to any paint.....and now I need to pick up something for my paints.

Seriously though......there are some good terrain videos that I think are well worth the time expenditure.


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