Free GM Resource: Black Magic Craft YouTube Channel

Free GM Resource: Black Magic Craft YouTube Channel
I really hope my 12 regular readers aren't getting tired of YouTube Channels being posted as the week's Free GM Resource.

Personally, I don't watch TV. Well I do, but I don't watch broadcast television. I cut the cable cord years ago and while I do have a homemade HDTV antenna (I used to be a radio operator in a past life, was easy enough to make) so I could watch on-air TV....I just don't.

My TV gets used for three things, Movies (DVDs, Blu-Rays, and Netflix), video games, and YouTube. I like YouTube for the same reason I like link-hopping on the interwebs: you'll never know what you'll find.

Case in point: Black Magic Craft. Never heard of this channel until today. My guess is you haven't either....

I'll try to get the last few YouTube channels added to the +12 Links of Helpfulness this week.


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