Small Dungeon Maps Vol. 2 Kickstarter is Live

Small Dungeon Maps Vol. 2 Kickstarter is Live
Well, I guess this is the week to pimp Kickstarters....

I got notification this morning that Jean Francois Senay had launched his newest digital map Kickstarter, called Small Dungeon Maps 2. I've backed a couple of his earlier Kickstarters and thought they were totally worth it, especially since the biggest backer level is less than $30 and that is only because there are physical prints made & sent out.

Personally I would rather just have the digital copies that I could print out locally to get however many copies I want/need quickly and at the quality level I desire.

I did a review of the 1st set of Small Dungeons that was made. Bottom line, for me, is if you run a game online, these unique maps should hold a lot of value. I've continued becoming a backer because the maps are good, fulfillment is relatively quick, and I think I've always gotten my money's worth.

Be sure to check the Kickstarter out.


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