Fat Dragon Games DRAGONLOCK 3: Dangerous Lairs Kicksterter is now Live

Fat Dragon Games DRAGONLOCK 3: Dangerous Lairs Kicksterter is now Live
Today is the launch of the DRAGONLOCK 3: Dangerous Lairs Kickstarter from Fat Dragon Games (FDG).

Now I've always been a fanboy of Fat Dragon Games ever since I 1st met Tom Tullis, FDG's main man. I won't go into the story but it is safe to say I have purchased most everything FDG has produced that fits my game table.

As far as paper modeling goes, I don't think you can do much better than Fat Dragon Games, but if you have the appropriate resources their 3D printed dungeons pieces and parts are pretty damned cool.

I spent this morning on a huge post about the various terrain options and how 3D printed models from FDG fit into the scheme of things, but the bottom line is if you want a high-quality high-end terrain for you table that doesn't rely so much on your artistic abilities or on your ability to cough up huge sums of cash, 3D printing is the way to go. Fat Dragon Games has done a great job producing on their Kickstarters ($5 says all the base 3D files were rendered before the Kickstarter went live) and you can get some great models at a good price if you take part in the DRAGONLOCK 3: Dangerous Lairs Kickstarter.

I'm in for Hero Level 2 5 6 (Damn you Tom!):

  • Tower of Terror
  • Dungeon Delve Part 2
  • Realm of the Mountain King
  • Dungeon Delve Part 1
  • Mountain Adventures Terrain Set
  • Wilderness Encounters terrain Set
  • Trees
  • Streams
  • More stuff (damn you Tom for adding more cool add-ons!)


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