Free GM Resource: OSR PC Generator

Free GM Resource: OSR PC Generator
I know I didn't post a Free GM Resource last week, mostly because of some personal stuff I was preoccupied with.

This week though we have a pretty cool OSR Random PC Generator from Ramanan Sivaranjan. The generator is a quick, down & dirty online tool that can generate Basic D&D PCs, 1974 D&D PCs, Holmes D&D PCs, and even Lamentations of the Flame Princess (LotFP) PCs.

Basic magic-userYou don't really get any options, aside from setting, and if you want to generate a different PC, just refresh the page. I guess one other option is to generate the PC in plain text. If you want a specific race/class.....well standby with the F5 key.

Here is an example Basic PC:


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